Seville, the capital of Andalusia and famous as the "cradle of flamenco". What an amazing place. Arriving by a cruiseship in Seville is something very special! It takes seven hours to get up the Guadalquivir River until you arrive in the middle of the city.

The lively life on the river in the city with the numerous rowing boats with up to 8 people in such a small boat. The way back at the river during the sunset is a must to see. This is a treat, see photo below! By the way, the 657 km long river is the fifth longest river in Spain and the longest in Andalusia.



I had 2 wonderful days in Seville and as always explored by bike this great historic city. Here in Seville, you will find the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe - the Alcazar of Seville. It was built by Moorish-Muslim rulers and was taken over by the Spanish royal family, who still use the upper floors as their residence in Seville. You should definitely see this palace! Buy the ticket in advance because the queue and I do not exaggerate almost once walked around the city wall! And this in late October. Here I have a link to GetYourGuide where you can also buy a cheap ticket!



Continue by bike, and here in Seville the bike path is just great as well. It is so easy to get from A to B without problems with the traffic. Next stop of my tour was down to the river Guadalquivir where I had to see the tower "Torre del Oro"! Not to forget it was once the most important Port of Andalusia. It is a military tower that was part of the old city wall. There are hardly any tourists in the morning, so remember this on your next visit. Admission is very cheap at best you take the ticket along with the Hop-on / Hop-off tour - 24/48 hour ticket. Simply a great thing if you do not want to ride a bike. You will be surprised at what is included for € 21,00. Simply click on the link. There is also a cell phone ticket, how awesome is that!



Approximately 300 meters further on the bike path or footpath you will find the bridge "Puente de Isabel II" which is affectionately called "Puente de Triana" in Seville. It is a road bridge that connects the old town with the old river Guadalquivir with the district Triana. You wonder what's so special about this bridge? It was built in 1852 and is the oldest stone bridge in Seville. It is also a popular place for fresh marriages and a great photo opportunity.



Just above the bridge opposite the road, you will find the "Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla". Which majestic name. No wonder it is the famous bullfighting arena with 12,000 seats. Every year, one of the most famous bullfighting festivals in the world takes place here. By the way, with the ticket from the Hop-On / Hop-Off Tour - 24/48 hour ticket, you get 20% off admission.



It was also time for a break. The thirst was great, all around the bullring there are plenty of bars called bodegas. A must for in between, you should drink a Rebujito, that is a Spanish cocktail from Andalusia. This is a long drink with Sherry Manzanilla, which is filled with ice cubes with lemonade or tonic water in the glass. Do not forget the mint leaves. A great refreshment drink.



Near the Plaza de Toros de Real de Maestranza, I went to the "Hospital de la Caridad" after the break. An old baroque charity hospital dating back to 1674. It still looks after the elderly and infirm. Worth seeing is the entrance area, the old council chamber with various artefacts from the Brotherhood Caridad. There are beautiful paintings by the painters Valdés Leal and Zurbarán. I do not know these painters, but the works are great! If you have the ticket for the Hop-on / Hop-Off Tour - 24/48 hour ticket, then you have free admission! I just think those GetYourGuide tickets are great. Inexpensive, no more hiring and such a large offer.



I find the little streets just next to the cathedral and on the beautiful "Avenida de la Constitución" with the small bodegas and tapas bars unique. Here you can soak up the great Spanish flair of Seville and it really invites you to stroll.



At the end of the "Avenida de la Constitución," you will find an old medieval building also called "Edificio La Adriática". It can not be missed! Such a striking building with a beautiful facade. The ironwork on the bars and the facade with tiles and the corner of the building are just beautiful. Here you have to queue for a photo. In the lower photo on the right is the west gate of the Cathedral of Seville. Directly opposite is a cafe bar with homemade ice cream, where you can relax and watch the cathedral with its great facade.





The Cathedral of Seville is Spain's largest gothic church and one of the largest churches in the world. It was built in 1401-1519, has been a listed building since 1928 and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.



For me, this cathedral has something very special, the cathedral houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus (see photos below). In the coffin of Columbus are about 150 g of his bones and it was confirmed in May 2006 by a DNA comparison that the bones are in Seville by Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, and history still fascinates me today. A MUST GO to see the Cathedral of Seville on your next visit. The entrance ticket is very cheap as a visit to the tower "Giralda" is included. Here is the TICKET



You get goosebumps at this site. The tomb of Christopher Columbus was built in 1902. There are about 150 g of bones in the coffin. The four pallbearers embody the kingdoms of Castile, León, Aragón and Navarre.



The belfry "La Giralda" (included in the TICKET) is the former minaret of the mosque of Seville. It was demolished in the 15th century and rebuilt as a late Gothic cathedral. It is on the landmark of Seville.




The highlight of Seville, the beautiful "Parque de Maria Luisa". For me, a small green forest in the middle of the city. In the park, the Plaza de España and the Plaza de América were created in 1929 for the Iberoamerican exhibition. It is a meeting place for everyone. I personally love the fountains in the park. During my 2-day stay, I was often in the park. There you will find peace and quiet and above all, it is shady under the trees and I could not see enough of these great buildings.



"Plaza de España" I can not describe it! It made me speechless when I saw this huge semicircular building. Truly, the language is devious! Investigations have shown that it was built by the architect Aníbal González Álvarez-Ossorio. Unfortunately, the architect died on May 31, 1929, and could only enjoy his masterpiece for a short time.

It is said that it is supposed to represent a 170 m wide embrace embracing Sevilla and its inhabitants. Around the Plaza is a 500-meter long canal where you can explore by rowboat. That looks so romantic. Unfortunately, I was alone there otherwise I would have rented a boat. Maybe next time.


You should take a close look at the building. The walls are decorated with tiles and these are said to come from 49 Spanish provinces. This masterpiece has attracted many people and Hollywood was already here. The films "Lawrence of Arabia" or "Star Wars Episode II" were shot here. That was a reason for me to watch these films again. In the picture below you can see the Vicente Traver fountain. I recommend everyone stop by in the evening. You will be thrilled with all the lights.



That was not all that can be seen in this wonderful park. At the Plaza de América, you will find the Mudéjar Pavilion with the Museum of Arts and Popular Customs.



The Archaeological Museum with its magnificent fountain is one of several museums in the Plaza de América. These were founded in 1867. So much history and that in two days.



After two days in Seville totally tired but full of new experiences, of course, a visit to one of the best bodegas in Seville should not be missed. I'm talking about my favourite tapas bar with the sounding name "Postiguillo". The Spanish tapas, the great sangria, the ambience gets a MORE mood.



Recommended to all who love tapas! A tapas tour of Seville, over rooftops or evenings with flamenco




For your next visit to Seville, Spain

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