Málaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol or Coast of the Sun. One of my favourite cities in Spain. It was not until the 1960s that Malaga became known as an important tourist centre. Hotels and resorts sprouted throughout the city. The most famous son of Malaga is undoubtedly Pablo Picasso, but more on that later.

I'll start at this sunset. If you would not know that I'm in Málaga, you might think that I am in Miami. What do you think? It's just wonderful to start a day like this. Perfect day for the next 24 hours.



To make the two days meaningful, I decided on day one for the bike tour. In October, there is an average of 10 rainy days and one of them I caught. Nevertheless, the plan for day two was to visit the Picasso Museum and this was just fine for me. It was terribly hot around 30 degrees and the end of October and cooling would do you good.




As usual, I was fully motivated for this bike tour (link of the tour), 23 km in this fantastic hot weather. I began the bike tour at the beautiful harbour and the first stop was the lighthouse of Málaga called "La Farola".

If you also want to experience Malaga with a bike ride then this is the ticket. I was excited!  



Here also begins the harbour promenade with its many shops and restaurants. Even the super-rich park their yachts there. Is always a pleasure to see these Yachts. However it makes me a little bit jealous, I mean in a good sense.

Yacht of an Russian oligarchs Walk in the evening is only to be recommended.
Money does not matter here


The bike path along the promenade is just great. Stunning views right on the sea and the beaches. Excellent for great photoshoots.


Of course, what is not missing is the food, a STOP must be! As I was not in Malaga for the first time, I visit the restaurant "El Tintero" again and again. It is located in a small fishing village, called Carretera de Almeria along the bike path to the east. I recommend everyone to try the very special cuisine of Malaga where everything is grilled with skewers once. The "sardine espetos" are the classic in Malaga. As previously described you will find these bars, restaurants and beach bars along the coast. The locals love this kind of cuisine. It is now an institution of Málaga culture. The beach promenade "Antonio Machado" and "Playa de la Misericordia" is right in Malaga and I have eaten there already often delicious if you do not want to go so far or drive.


Mullet one of my specialities
Only in Malaga, there is this kind of "Espetos"


After lunch, I was strengthened and ready to go up the mountain to the Mirador de Gibralfaro, this is a viewing platform high above Málaga. The view to the harbor, the bullfighting area "Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta" and east to the beaches are breathtaking!



Here you will find all the tickets for your next visit to Malaga. Book in advance for very cheap tickets without queuing and do not waste time waiting in line.



In the afternoon down from the bike and up to the old town. It is always a pleasure to be there as many places of interest are only short distances apart. So wear sports shoes and let's go.

Calle Molina Larios is the shopping street and entertainment street of Málaga. It's really fun, especially in the evening with the great restaurant, bodegas, souvenir shops and bars. The winding streets and the footpath are made entirely of marble. Here is caution in the rain! Slipping!

Calle Molina Larios
Calle San Augustin
View to the cathedral
Calle Fresca    


"Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación", one of the landmarks in Seville. This imposing church will immediately catch your eye. It took 254 years to build this cathedral on an old mosque. Pretty long time to build! Here is the ticket for the cathedral.



The entrance to the cathedral is on the north side through a garden. As soon as you see the inside of the cathedral, the spit stays away! A sight of wealth and splendour. You should have seen this while in Málaga. Don't wait in line for one hour to get a ticket for the Cathedral.

Buy like me a Ticket in advance, is also much cheaper! Here to the TICKET. At the photo below in front of the Cathedral at the "Plaza del Obispo" is a great tavern where you divine sangria and enjoy the view to the cathedral (Taberna La Malaguena)! Advantage it is shady!


A few streets further you will find the "Plaza de la Merced"! Highly recommended in the late afternoon because the sun is not so high. Like the locals, they come after their siesta when the sun is not high anymore. Around this square, there is so much gastronomy and is a popular meeting place. Actually, the place is dedicated to the commemoration of Pablo Picasso. Here he spent his childhood. You will also find the birthplace of Picasso around the corner here. In the park, there is a seated statue of Picasso, put you next to it and take a picture with him. That is well received. Incidentally, the obelisk was erected here in the photo in honor of 48 fallen soldiers in 1831.


Calle Alcazabilla with the Roman Theater. The "Teatro Romano" built by Emperor Augustus is located in the middle of the city! Above is the Alcazaba Castle, and one of the landmarks in Malaga.



Alcazaba is a fortress and palace complex located above the city. You can walk up from the Roman theatre and have a look at the complex. It's just great and you have a great view over the whole city up there.

Ticket for Alcazaba the fortification and the Roman Theater



In the lower photo below you can see the whole size of the fortress Alcazaba. In the foreground, the fountain "Fuente de las Tres Gracias", is located in the middle of a roundabout. Round the roundabout, you will find the huge green park of Málaga with vegetation that you rarely see.




You should not miss that!

The Bodega "El Pimpi". It is directly opposite the Roman Theater and next to the Picasso Museum. You can see some celebrities there on certain days. Antonio Banderas lives just above the winery. This bodega is known for its excellent wines of the region and of course the unique cuisine. Other personalities from film, politics, art or anything that has a name visit this bodega.

Famous are the barrels and also the heart of "El Pimpi", all celebrities immortalize themselves with white chalk on the barrels. The interior of this bodega with the decoration of bullfighters is also worth seeing!

Below in the picture second row from the right, you see the autograph of Pablo Picassa after Antonio Banderas and many more.



A great day came to an end! In the evening I enjoyed Tapas and Sangria in the harbour


Malaga from above: tapas tour to the sunset

These tours are ideal if you want to explore Málaga in a unique and different way. Visit four terraces and get an overview of this wonderful city.



Pablo Picasso

On Day 2 - I studied exclusively Picasso and saw hundreds of works by him and tried to find my artistic vein. 

Ticket für € 6,50


Museum Palace Buena Vista EG
Museum Palace Buena Vista OG


The most famous son of Malaga is undoubtedly Pablo Picasso, and the Palace Buena Vista, a stately building from the 16th century, houses the Picasso Museum, the ideal gateway into the world of Picasso. The gallery houses 285 works donated by members of his family. 

Enjoy an artistic day with Picasso too

Click here for the cheap ticket

Picasso im "Plaza de la Merced"


About Pablo Picasso


Pablo Picasso is probably the most important figure of the twentieth century in terms of art and art movement that took place during this time. Before the age of 50, the artist born in Spain was the best-known name in modern art, with the most distinctive style and artistic creativity. Before Picasso, there were no other artists who had such an impact on the art world or had a large fan base of fans and critics, as he did.

Throughout his long career, he created more than 20,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and other items such as costumes and theatre. He is widely known as one of the most influential and famous artists of the twentieth century.

As an artist and innovator, he is responsible, alongside Georges Braque, for co-founding the entire Cubist movement. Cubism was an avant-garde art movement that forever changed the face of European painting and sculpture while influencing contemporary architecture, music, and literature. Themes and objects in Cubism are broken up into pieces and brought into an abstract form. In the period between 1910 and 1920, when Picasso and Berate laid the foundation for cubism in France, its effects were such that they inspired offshoots such as the styles of Futurism, Dada and Constructivism in other countries.

("Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.")

- Pablo Picasso 

For your next visit to Malaga, I also recommend the day trips to Ronda, Alhambra & Caminito, see below



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