Cartagena is located in the southeast of Spain (Murcia). In this port city is Spain's largest naval base in the Mediterranean. For every tourist of antiquity and historic buildings, the historic city should definitely look here. Once upon a time, it was the capital of the Karthagener in Europe.

Cartagena is located in the southeast of Spain (Murcia). In this port here at the end of the century, a beautiful Art Nouveau building was built. The best places can be found in the Palacio Pedreno, the Cartagena Casino, the Palacio de Aguirre and the Grand Hotel.

Grand Hotel 
beautiful alley
Art Nouveau facade
Corner house 

The Town Hall of Cartagena is for me one of the most beautiful buildings in Cartagena. At the Town Hall Square "Plaza del Ayuntamiento" with the numerous cafes begins the long shopping street Calle Mayor with various shops. Including Bodegas and many old grocers and the Casino of Cartagena.


The Roman Theater

This Roman Theater in the middle of the city is a MUST to see! It was in 1988 when construction was underway for a new shopping centre and the demolition of the Palacio del Condesa de Peralto that suddenly pillars came to light. At that time they knew already that this was something very unusual. Found after 2000 years! What do you say to that? It is said that up to 7,000 people fit into the Roman theatre. It was built in the 1st century BC by the Roman Emperor Augustus.


The view over the old town and to the mountains are especially in the morning with the light something unforgettable.

it is the original inscription, unbelievable!
the condition is incredible 
The pillars on the stage
2000 years old round marble stones


Neighbourhood Forum Romanum - Roman excavation

Anyone interested in Roman history should visit this excavation. Everything is well described. You can walk on boardwalks around the area or between the old walls through the excavation. The system is also covered, so it is pleasant at any time of the day.






The port of Cartagena is a favourite for the cruise industry. If you are lucky you can see two giant cruise ships at the same time in the harbour. Then there are up to 8000 tourists at the same time in the harbour and in the city on the way.

The Esplanade at the harbour is very clean, many yachts from all over the world are to see. Along the promenade, you will find the open-air museum, the beautiful boat club, a sculpture of a whale in the water and the Museu Naval museum.

Tourist sailing ship
Marina, you can see yachts from all over the world

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